Very Impressed

I was in the Fall 2020 group, during the COVID pandemic, and was really impressed by the large practice room and how careful the mentors and my bandmates were about wearing masks at all times and trying to stay at least 6 feet apart. It was great to be able to play live music with other people after my regular band shut down in March for lack of a safe practice location.

I was also impressed by how much Jim and Dale offered us for such a reasonable price. In addition to very helpful suggestions during practice and detailed feedback notes the following day, they provided a great PA system and recorded several practices so that we could hear how we sounded and focus on problems. I was blown away by all of the effort they put into making our “graduation” video performance a great experience. All in all it was a pleasure to meet and play music with my bandmates and get some very helpful feedback from our mentors.

Chris T.

Great for musicians concerned about playing in Covid times

We had a great group of guys in our Winter Advanced session. Always felt safe during practice / gatherings. Honed my playing and singing skills. Thanks for hosting this Dale / Jim.

Bruce R

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