Where’s Johnny Zed?

Summer 2016

Where’s Johnny Zed? came together from a variety of musical backgrounds. Some members had performance experience, while for others it was their first time on stage. Their song list not only included familiar songs, but originals from two of the band’s members! Their set included genres ranging from jazz and Latin to country/western and rock tunes.

They are all quite musically versatile and each played an array of instruments throughout their eight song set which allowed them to create more layered arrangements. Some in the group even took up new instruments as the music demanded. In fact for one member, the band transformed his love for playing bass and even propelled that deep resonating soulful instrument into a secondary instrument of choice. Within only ten weeks, these musicians forged a tight harmonic and rhythmic sound through dedication and collaboration.

Two band members will return to participate in the Fall 2016 Bandmakers session, while another member has joined back up with a member from Loose Chords to continue performing around Portland. And if anyone happens to see Johnny Zed, please let him know we are looking for him!

Band Members

Melanie Grant – Electric Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Songwriting
Heather Heaton – Acoustic guitar, Banjo, Percussion, Vocals
Jim Larson – Piano, Vocals, Songwriting
Boomer Olivas – Acoustic guitar, Bass, Banjo, Vocals

Photos by Kawaji Armitage