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Bandmakers Newsletter #1

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Greetings everyone!

Here’s the newest news in its newest form.  Thanks to those of you who’ve expressed an interest in this program, it really helped get the momentum going forward.

The Big News

Bandmakers, the next step in the evolution of the Make Music PDX program, is on its way.  We have a domain and website set up and have also scheduled time & space for a session this spring!  The website is still under construction, but you will find plenty of information and the ability to register online.  If anyone finds any glaring problems, please let us know so we can get them fixed.

Spring Session 2016

The first session of Bandmakers will start on Tuesday, March 29th and continue for roughly 10 weeks until May 31st.  The ‘roughly’ part is because the plan is to combine the Bandmakers show with the Make Music PDX band’s show, and there may be a little bit of flexibility as we try to find one date that works for everyone.  Click here to sign up for Bandmakers

For those on the east side, Make Music PDX is still happening at Lane Middle School on SE 60th.  Spring term begins April 6th.  Click here to sign up for MMPDX

If you are interested but don’t have any experience playing in a band or group, we can help!  There will be an Intro To Ensembles class available before the start of spring term.  If you would like to sign up, email Jim for more details.  We’ll also post information about the intro class in the next few days.

You Can Help!

We need all the help we can get in spreading the word about this program so we get a good turnout and several bands to fill up a great show.  Share the site on all your social media, click all the right buttons to like us, and tell all the musicians you know about this program.  And of course, sign up for spring term.

There will be flyers coming out in the next few days that you can print at home and distribute throughout the community.  We’re especially interested in reaching music stores and music teachers around the metro area and would really appreciate everyone’s help.

Website News

The site is just getting started and could use some help.  Suggestions are welcome, especially questions about the program that we can address on the site.

We’re also looking for photos and videos from MMPDX alumni of past shows.  The goal is to show folks how much fun the program is as often as we can.

Looking Ahead

This is a really exciting time, right here at the beginning of something great!  We hope this program will grow & flourish and become an important part of the music community.  Some of the ideas we’re hoping for are:

  • Bandmakers Pro – A version of the workshop for those with prior band experience who want to stretch out and try new ideas & challenges.
  • Bandmakers Backstage – A course for those interested in the technical aspects of doing a show: sound, lighting, and so forth.  This course will have something for non-musicians, too.
  • More performances – Instead of doing just one show, we hope to set up other dates so that bands will get the experience of playing for different, but still supportive audiences.
  • Whatever else we all can imagine!  Share your ideas with us anytime.

Stay tuned for more news as it happens!


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